MLA worked with Meyer Architecture and the owner,noted composer and musician Jeff Koz, to develop a studio complex in Santa Monica, California.
    Photograph courtesy Meyer Architecture

Environmental Noise

Environmental noise is a universal concern in modern society and its control is a highly developed science. By consulting on projects at an early stage we can identify potential problems and recommend appropriate solutions. MLA can prepare acoustical analyses of multifamily dwellings, environmental impact studies, analyses of highways, community noise surveys and noise abatement recommendations. By making field and laboratory measurements on the problem sources we can precisely calculate the required degree of noise control.

Technical Research

Governments are faced with a wide range of acoustical problems from the support of basic research to the drafting and implementation of environmental laws, planning documents, and general enforcement policy. MLA has developed well researched, clearly written studies for federal, state and local governments. We have done basic research in acoustics, written building codes and noise laws, prepared general plan documents, and trained government personnel in acoustics and noise measurement. We have done basic research for the Department of Energy and worked on large scale projects such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the National Ignition Facility (NIF).

Forensic Acoustics

Although we do not solicit expert witness work we have been designated as experts in over two dozen cases primarily in construction defect litigation.