The Richmond Oval was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics speed skating events. MLA worked with StructureCraft Builders on the spectacular wood ceiling to develop a structure that was 100% sound absorptive.

Photograph by Stephanie Tracey
Courtesy Wood WORKS! BC




Performing Arts

Theaters, concert halls, multipurpose auditoria, and sound studios require considerable care in their acoustical and audio visual design. MLA works with the project team to define the room size and shape, surface treatments, sound isolation from both interior and exterior sources, and the isolation of mechanical and electrical systems. Early in the project our engineers establish the appropriate program and acoustical criteria for each type of space and develop solutions consistent with the overall design and budget. We use state of the art modeling technology, and make frequent contributions to the literature in this challenging field. We assist architects and designers in developing the proper solutions to acoustic and media problems within the constraints of function, aesthetics, and budget. We also provide the critical field inspections during construction that are so important in these facilities.

Building Acoustics

Architectural acoustics includes control of exterior and interior noise, vibration isolation, proper design of rooms to control reverberant noise and echoes. It is of particular importance in multifamily housing to include suitably constructed party walls, floor-ceilings, and mechanical equipment isolation. MLA can provide design, construction documents, specifications, acoustical analyses, and inspections during construction to ensure a quality project. Compliance studies required by state and local ordinances are completed quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

Audio Visual Design

MLA works closely with clients to develop high quality sound reinforcement and video systems. We strive to provide excellent intelligibility and clear graphical presentations, which contribute to the functionality and enjoyment of the architectural space. We can furnish complete audio visual designs, including plans, specifications, and installation supervision for AV systems in theaters, auditoria, concert halls, outdoor entertainment facilities, recording studios, and open office plan areas. Our engineering is based upon custom modeling software, in-depth field testing, and years of practical experience.