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    Epcot 1986 postcard - Monorail & Spaceship Earth
Courtesy Greg McNaughton
  Theme Park and World Expo Design ka

Theme park design has been a major part of our work since the late 1970s. Beginning with the Circle-Vision Theater at Disneyland, we not only worked with Disney but also with other entertainment companies to help design and ultimately to provide electronic equipment for their themed attractions. This effort started in the United States and moved overseas with Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Sanrio Puroland in Tama Center, Japan as well as other projects in Australia, Canada, Korea, and Spain.

Theme park acoustic and sound system design offers interesting technical challenges. The sound experienced by guests must be clearly audible and should seem to come from the character speaking. Thus the show spaces must be quiet and acoustically absorptive. We developed techniques to quiet such diverse sources as ride vehicles, animatronic figures, charging mechanisms, and waterfalls. In addition, we helped originate new types of absorptive materials including absorptive rock work and murals as well as acoustically transparent materials for hiding loudspeakers. Today, many of these innovative techniques have become standard items in the theme park design repertoire, allowing companies to achieve the look they want without the intrusion of loudspeakers and other technical paraphernalia into the show sets.