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  Church on the Way, Van Nuys, CA

The Foursquare Church on the Way had a unique problem. The services were so popular that they did not have space in their existing facility to accommodate all those who wanted to attend. The number of services required on a given Sunday in one facility was too taxing for the minister. The solution they hit upon was to video the service and transmit it via cable in real time to another church where it was projected on a large screen. In order to balance the attendance, the real service was alternated between the two churches on a random basis so that no one knew which service would be live and which one would be televised.

This solution worked well. However, the addition of the audio and video recording added new requirements to the acoustics of the space. They were having difficulty with reverberant sound on the platform. We worked with them to develop absorptive treatments in this area, which corrected the problem in a straightforward way. Today, Church on the Way offers services in a multitude of languages and venues. Their Spanish ministry, La Iglesia En El Camino, has grown to be one of the largest Spanish Evangelical Churches in the nation.