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    Photograph courtesy Deluxe Digital Cinema
  Deluxe Digital Cinema, Burbank, CA



Deluxe Digital provides digital cinema services for all the major Hollywood studios and an international client base. The company is part of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, which can trace its history back to 1915 when William Fox created the Fox Film Corporation in Fort Lee, New Jersey. In 1919, when Fox built its studio in Hollywood, the first Deluxe film laboratory was created, where it still operates at the same location today. Deluxe Entertainment has received 10 Academy Awards for technical achievement.

The new Deluxe Digital facility in Burbank is located in an existing building, 75 feet from a main line railroad track and adjacent to a major freeway. The twin side-by-side screening rooms are used for close review of video images during the post production phase of motion picture production. This requires excellent acoustical isolation, not only from exterior noise, but also from the adjacent theater. MLA was tasked with the overall noise control, room to room isolation, HVAC noise and vibration control, and the interior acoustical design of the spaces. The facility was first used for the films “9” and Avatar.