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Photographs courtesy Meyer Architecture

  HUM Music and Sound Design, Santa Monica, CA



Musician/composer Jeff Koz is the driving force behind all of HUM's related companies. A multi-instrumentalist who broke into sound-for-picture by scoring B horror movies, Koz founded HUM in 1996, wisely locating the company in what has become Santa Monica's thriving media and post-production district. He desired a workplace that offered acoustical high-performance and sophisticated design.
The studio, located in a former warehouse, was designed by architect Walter Meyer and acoustician Marshall Long. It now houses two full recording studios, one of which can accommodate fifteen musicians with an adjacent isolated vocal booth and piano booth. There are also separate voice-over and Foley suites, a dubbing room, as well as production offices, numerous client lounges, and technical support facilities.
HUM supplies distinctive music and sound design to hundreds of major television advertisers. Their attractive renovation has met numerous challenges, including the need for an acoustically isolated environment in a noisy urban setting; linkage between entrances at opposite ends of the building; and a balance between technical studios and office functions. Technical considerations were critical to the design for the state-of-the-art studios and isolation booths. Acoustically engineered room-within-a-room construction was used to cocoon and isolate the studios while providing full handicapped access without ramps. A hanging system of movable acoustic blankets was originated, designed, and fabricated, making the recording studio infinitely tunable. Ergonomically designed consoles were tailored to conceal the usual abundance of wires. The entire main studio is visible from each of the three work stations.
The HUM Music and Sound Studio was formally recognized by Mix as one of the best new facilities of 1999 and was the featured studio on the cover of the magazine.