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    Photographs courtesy HMC Architects
Santee Education Complex Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

Located just south of downtown, the Santee Education Complex is part of the Los Angeles School District's ongoing building program. The school was a ground up construction project that featured a 1500 seat auditorium for theatrical and musical performances. MLA worked with Michael Burke of HMC Architects on the acoustical engineering, noise control, and audio visual design.

As with all our auditorium projects, we used our custom software to model the interior acoustics, loudspeaker coverage, and intelligibility throughout the seating area. This process allows us to select loudspeakers from our library of manufacturers, position them in space, and aim them. The program lets us vary the volume and equalization of each loudspeaker to achieve even coverage and smooth frequency response. Another feature of the software is its ability to predict and therefore control the onset of feedback.

The software was developed in-house and has been used successfully for over twenty years. The Santee Auditorium performed as predicted with excellent coverage and good intelligibility.