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    Photograph courtesy Howard McGuire II
Stomp Theater, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino built a 1,500 seat showroom designed specifically as a venue for Stomp. This unique production, featuring a combination of percussion, movement, and visual comedy, creates its own inimitable form of musical entertainment. The performers wordlessly portray the celebration of everyday life and the comic interplay of characters through high-energy dance and the ingenious use of ordinary household items as percussion instruments.

The client wanted a multi-use theater where they could also show first-run feature films and accommodate a 5.1 sound system. They engaged Panasonic to provide the audio visual design and Marshall Long Acoustics to do the acoustical engineering and noise control. Our work included noise control on the video projector located at the mix board in the middle of the audience seating area as well as noise reduction on the existing HVAC systems. The interior acoustical environment of the room was deadened to meet THX standards. The transformation was accomplished in record time and met the criteria and budget constraints.